LIFE Mentor Program

Coming Soon!

LIFE Journey Ministries aims to create educational programs and opportunities for women to become nurturing, confident and passionate leaders among their peers and mentors to our youth. The leader and mentor training programs will focus on how the LIFE Journey Ministry Tools of Love, Intimacy, Freedom and Encouragement, as exemplified through the life and teachings of Christ, can help women in processing through the ups and downs of their own journeys.  When women become trained in an area that helps them cope with life’s challenges it becomes a tool that can be passed along to others. It is our desire that this type of training and education will enhance our families, communities and the greater society, by creating leaders and mentors who are equipped with the Word of God and are prepared to apply their knowledge in a loving, humble and life-giving way. As more women become leaders and mentors they will then be facilitators of Christ’s example; therefore, initiating powerful and positive change that is so desperately needed in our society.  Educating future leaders and mentors is a vital part of our ministry and is essential to our growth as disciples of Christ’s great commission to share the gospel. 

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