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Women gather together to read and study the Bible with the purpose of gaining further understanding of His Word and applying its truths into our lives.


Through our volunteer projects, women in the ministry, along with their family and friends, will be invited to volunteer and assist with charitable outreach programs aimed at helping the relief of the poor, distressed and/or underprivileged in our local, national and global communities.

When we share our testimonies of how the Word of God has healed and helped us through various challenges, then we can provide others with the opportunity to glean greater strength, encouragement, hope and faith. Please CONTACT US if you are interested in having one of our ministry leaders speak at your event. We would love to share our journey with you.  

Join us as we foster friendships through fun, food and laughter! Let's nurture relationships and build deeper support for one another as we connect through networking and Christ-centered fellowship. CHECK OUT our calendar for upcoming events!

COMING SOON! Please join us for a Christ-centered conference focusing on the study of the Word of God, worship, prayer and team building. 


By donating to LIFE Journey Ministries, not only will you be partnering with numerous women as they further their purpose in God, but you will also be aiding in our vision of becoming examples of Christ within our communities and the world.


Fundraising events, programs and campaigns not only aid our ministry by providing monetary funding, but these activities also increase the awareness of our organization’s work and goals in sharing the gospel of Christ. If you would like to volunteer or assist us in any upcoming events CLICK HERE!

COMING SOON! LIFE Journey Ministries aims to create educational programs and opportunities for women to become nurturing, confident and passionate leaders among their peers and mentors to our youth. Sign-up for our mailing list to be contacted about our launch!

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